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CyberOffice Shopping Cart (CyberShop) offers a complete, database-driven online/offline ordering system. It does the job on site, in real-time. Web authors simply add a few lines of HTML codes either manually or programmatically to any Web pages on which there are items to sell (either physical or digital goods). When a visitor clicks on the "Add Item" button, the product is added to and is displayed in the shopping cart. From there CyberShop takes on and does virtually everything for you. CyberShop is fully flexible on the storefront page layout, use any of your own template or the companion CyberOffice Warehouse Builder does it for you.


  • Ready to use. Simply take the sample page and make it yours.
  • Idiot-proof, one-line coding to create dynamic product and search pages.
  • Full flexibility on customization, via an HTML editor such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver.
  • Unique affiliate tracking and reporting system.
  • Built-in multiple level volume discount scheme for any product.
  • Unlimited number of Wish Lists to store shopping items and purchase later.
  • Dual currency presentation and conversion for non US countries.
  • Allow any number of custom fields.
  • Custom invoice and interface to in-house accounting systems, batch shipping label printing.
  • Built-in capturing, follow-up and recovery on abandoned shopping orders.

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