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CubeCart is an "out of the box" ecommerce shopping cart software solution which has been written to run on servers that have PHP and MySQL support. With CubeCart you can quickly setup a powerful online store which can be used to sell digital or tangible products to new and existing customers all over the world.


CubeCart features include template systems seperate from HTML and PHP, XHML and CSS code, state and country tax, unlimited products and category placement and a new Rich Text HTML editor. There are not many shipping options available. Shipping is calculated by category. The way you set up your categories determines the shipping price. If there is a combination of items purchased over different categories, the higher shipping rates will apply. The reports with CubeCart are very simple to read and understand. They are presented in a graphical format.

Connecting to Weezzo


Supported Versions:
3.x, 4.x, 5.x

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Download the payment gateway module for Weezzo.

Installation Instructions

  1. Extract the archive contents to your CubeCart installation keeping the folder structure.
  2. Enable "Weezzo" payment plugin at CubeCart CP->Modules->Payment Gateways
  3. Configure "Weezzo" payment plugin: Set Wallet ID or E-mail, linked to your wallet.

Need help?

Feel free to contact us, we will kindly help you to integrate this shopping system to work.

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