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ciCART allows you to plug-in a shopping cart to your existing site. It operates in the same manner as other shopping cart sites but with one main difference: you have all the power over your products with a simple interface.


  • You can upload images, pdfs or even as far as executable or flash files to allow users to view your products. If you can think of it, ciCART: can take care of it.
  • Adding new products or deleting old products isn't a problem for ciCART:. Add and delete to your heart's content and re-sort the products as necessary to ensure your inventory is up-to-date.
  • Each product has a navigation bar to allow easy access to a product's details such as its pricing or even the information about the product like its dimensions and descriptions.

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Please contact us for Weezzo module.

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Feel free to contact us, we will kindly help you to integrate this shopping system to work.

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