Payment Methods Reference

The following is a guide to Weezzo accepted payment methods now available on Weezzo checkout pages. Keep in mind that this list does not represent all possible funding methods; some methods are not available as a direct payment option, but can be used as an Weezzo e-wallet top-up with subsequent payment.

  • The codes in the table below are used to specify the acceptance of selected types of payment methods (variable ok_payment_methods), as well as for direct checkout (variable ok_direct_payment).
  • The relevant code is sent as a value of IPN variable ok_txn_payment_method immediately after the funds have been sent by the corresponding payment method.
Logotype Title Code Direction
paysafecard paysafecard paysafecard In/Out
PaySera PaySera Out
CreditCard CreditCard Out
Sepa Sepa moneypluscard Out