Using the Payment Button Generator

Use the Weezzo Button Generator to create an HTML code which then can be placed along with an Weezzo button on your website. The generated HTML code, when pasted onto one of your website pages, displays an Weezzo button that lets customers use their Weezzo account to purchase the item(s) associated with the button.

The Button Generator generates HTML code for the entire range of Weezzo buttons, including Buy Now, shopping cart, donation, and subscription buttons. Using the Button Generator, create the HTML code for each Weezzo button you need on your website. Then, copy and paste the HTML code to the appropriate spot on your website. It's as easy as that, and Weezzo handles all the back-end processing for your business payments.

1. Access the Button Generator

To access the Button Generator (available to corporate account owners):

  • After logging in to Weezzo, open main menu and under the Merchant column find the Button Generator.
  • You will see a simple form allowing you to easily create payment links and buttons.

2. Specify Button Details

Choose the type of button you want to create, then specify other details. We'll use the Payment button, as an example, as the process is quite similar for all options.

Describe your item

Choose the wallet which will be used to receive funds, select the item type and name that will be visible to your customers. Or, you can specify the item's article number for tracking purchases of that item in your database.

Set the price or let your customers decide how much they pay

You can allow your customers to enter the price (payment amount) or you can set the price and hardcode the amount to be paid. Leave the Amount field blank to allow your customers to send an amount of their choosing.

Choose an icon for your button

Browse our button graphics gallery and choose a button that suits you the most. This link can be also sent via an email or a chat message.

Figure 1. Button options.

Buy Now Buy Now Click here to pay
Weezzo Button Weezzo Button Weezzo Button
Weezzo Button Weezzo Button
Weezzo Button Weezzo Button...and many others.

Provide advanced options if needed

These settings are optional and by default are hidden from customer view. Click to Show extra fields to provide this extra information, which includes: unique article number/invoice to help you identify the item in subsequent transactions, custom success and fail URLs, custom IPN URL, etc.

Once you have specified all the details for your button, click on the Create Button to have Weezzo generate the custom code for your button.

For example, to create a simple Weezzo Buy Now button:

  1. Select Payment from the link type list.
  2. Type the name of the item into the Name field.
  3. Enter the item price into the Price/Currency field, and select a currency (Euro is the default currency).
  4. Click Create Button to have the Button Generator generate a custom button that is associated with your Weezzo account.

Note: Providing specific details for all Button Generator input fields is beyond the scope of this short guide. For information on how to use all the fields in the Button Generator form, see the Payment Links Variable Reference.

3. Paste the Button Code into your HTML Page

When you click Create Button, the Button Generator generates a custom HTML code. To make the button accessible to your customers, copy the HTML Code to the clipboard. Then, using your website editor, open the web page where you want the button displayed and paste the HTML Code in the appropriate location of the page.

The way you paste the button code into a web page depends on the application you use to create and edit your website. While many website editors offer a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) editing mode, you'll want to paste the HTML Code into the "code" view of your editor (you should be viewing HTML code when you paste your generated Weezzo button code). If you paste the button code into the WYSIWYG view, the editor may modify the HTML code and the Weezzo Button will not function correctly.

Tips for Pasting the Generated Weezzo Button Code

Make sure the code you paste into your web page (or into an email message) exactly matches the code that was generated by the Button Generator. The pasted code may not match the generated code for the following reasons:

  • You did not copy all of the generated code.
  • Your editing tool might have special areas for pasting HTML code and different areas for pasting URLs or display text. Be sure you paste the generated code into a field that accepts HTML code.
  • Your editing tool might change some characters in the pasted code. For example, your editor might have a variable enumeration feature that modifies field names when you paste the code.

Hint: If you have the required technical skills you can also create payment links and buttons dynamically using information in the Payment Links Variable Reference, a subsection of the Comprehensive Manual.