Auto Return URLs

With Auto Return, your customers are redirected to your site immediately after clicking the Pay button on the Payment Confirmation page.

Auto Return applies to all Weezzo website payments, including Buy Now, Donations, and Subscriptions.

Your customers enjoy a streamlined checkout experience and are quickly returned back to your site!

How Auto Return Works

Figure 1. Auto Return procedure diagram.

Auto Return URLs

Setting up Auto Return

To set up Auto Return:

  1. Open the desired wallet settings on the Wallets, Cards & Bank Accounts page.
  2. Go to the Integration tab under the wallet settings.
  3. Find the Auto Return URLs section and enter the success and fail return URLs.

Return URL Requirements

The following is required to set up Auto Return.

Success URL

In accordance with the user agreement, you should display a message on the Return URL page that will help the customer understand that the payment is made and the transaction is completed. You should also provide a message indicating that the payment details will be emailed to the buyer.

Example: Thank you for your payment. Your transaction has been completed and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. You can log in to your account at to view the details of this transaction.

Fail URL

This is the URL address of the web page to which the customer will be redirected by Weezzo if the payment fails or is canceled.

Variables Passed to Auto Return URLs

To inform the customer about the operation, your Auto Return pages can use the same variables as those received by the IPN listener.

Please note you should not use Auto Return pages for any purpose other than informing users about the success or failure of the transaction, because in some situations these pages may not be called. For example, the user may close the window immediately after payment. Conversely, an IPN URL is always called so all the necessary post-purchase procedures will be performed.

Overriding Return URLs for Specific Payments

The Return URLs will be applied to all payments to a certain wallet unless otherwise specified in the button/link code for a particular payment. You can change a Return URL by editing it in the wallet settings; alternatively, you can modify the HTML code (the variables ok_return_success and ok_return_fail) associated with a button or link. In the latter case, the Return URL associated with the button or link will override the one specified in the wallet settings.