Identifying Your IPN Listener to Weezzo

After you implement and test your IPN listener, you make your listener known to Weezzo by specifying the listener's URL in your account profile. Each wallet can be configured separately. Optionally, you can override the URL to specify another listener for specific payments.

Presenting Your IPN Listener to Weezzo

After you implement and test your IPN listener, you associate the listener with a specific wallet in Weezzo. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate the main menu and click on Wallets, Cards & Bank Accounts under the Profile & Settings column
  2. Select a wallet which will be used for IPN Handler settings and click on the Wallet settings link to proceed. Then navigate to the Integration tab.
  3. Figure 4. Wallets, Cards & Bank Accounts.

    Weezzo Wallets, Cards & Bank Accounts
  4. Check the "Enable IPN" box and specify the Notification URL and click Save to activate it
  5. Figure 5. Weezzo Wallet Integration Settings.

    Weezzo Wallet Integration Settings

Your listener must be located at the URL that you specify in your Profile. Before you activate your listener on Weezzo, you should test the listener using the IPN Simulator.

Disabling IPN Notifications

To disable your listener uncheck Enable IPN in wallet preferences.

Dynamically Setting the Notification URL

You can specify an IPN listener for a specific payment. In this case, Weezzo sends the IPN message to the listener specified in the notification URL for a specific button or API operation instead of the listener specified in the Wallet Settings.

To specify a notification URL:

For a/an ...

specify your IPN listener's URL in the ...

button or link

ok_ipn HTML form variable

Note: The IPN message will always be sent to your notification URL unless the feature for receiving IPNs has been disabled. Even if you have not enabled receipt of IPN messages in your Profile or have reset your preferences by turning off IPN messages, Weezzo still sends IPN messages to the notification URL you have specified for a particular payment.