Function Subscriptions_Filter


The Subscription_Get API function allows you to get a list of subscriptions passed through the filter.


Subscription Subscriptions_Filter(
string WalletID, 
string SecurityToken, 
string Title, 
string From, 
string Till, 
List<SubscriptionStatuses> Statuses);


Argument Type Description Example
WalletID Wallet ID String The wallet user wishes to query with enabled API access. "WZ123456789"
SecurityToken String This parameter consists of a hashed line of text formed by concatenating the API's access password and UTC date. Creating a security token. "5950F9BDA723ECDF9859AD205412BB44...
Title String Complete or a part of the subscription title. "My subscription"
From String Subscriptions created starting from specified date. If empty - date filter will be not used. "2013-08-31 07:49:51", ""
Till String Subscriptions created ending by specified date. If empty - date filter will be not used. "2013-08-31 07:49:51", ""
Statuses List of SubscriptionStatuses Structures List of subscription statuses. If the list is empty, then it will be not used in filtering. (Expired, Canceled)

Return Value

List of Subscription Structures.

Error Handling

This function can throw only Authentication and Security exceptions.

Code Samples

Refer to Code Samples in Various Programming Languages, section of Subscription Billing Integration Guide.