API Error Codes

     Error Code Description

Authentication and Security *

  API_Disabled API services are temporarily down. Please try again later.
  API_Function_Disabled This API function is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.
  Invalid_IP_Address Requested IP address is not included in API entry allowed addresses list.
  Authentication_Failed Authentication error. This error is the result of an incorrect API access password or API name or hash string for security token submission.
  Account_API_Disabled API entry is disabled for the selected account/wallet.
  Access_Denied Access denied. An attempt to inquire data which is restricted for the selected account.
  Internal_Error Internal system error.

Payments and History

  Payment_Method_Not_Supported Specified payment method is not currently supported.
  Source_Account_Blocked Source account is blocked by administration.
  Target_Account_Blocked Destination account is blocked by administration.
  Receiver_Not_Found Recipient cannot be found using the provided information.
  Transaction_Not_Found Requested information on the transaction cannot be found.
  Currency_Disabled Specified currency is disabled.
  Currency_Not_Found Currency code not found or invalid currency code specified.
  Incorrect_Amount Improperly formatted, negative, too big or too small amount (min amount is 0.01).
  Not_Enough_Money Source account has insufficient funds to complete the transaction.
  MoneyTransfer_To_Yourself The transaction is refused because you cannot send money to yourself.
  Duplicate_Payment A transaction with the specified Invoice ID already exists among other merchant transactions. This error occurs only when the Invoice parameter is provided. Weezzo monitors all payments to the merchant with the same Invoice ID, and in the case of duplicates automatically throws this exception.
  Incorrect_Email Incorrect email format.
  Function_Is_Obsolete Function is obsolete, please refer to the manual to find the correct function.
  Maximum_Amount_Is_ Amount is too large. Please make sure the specified amount does not exceed the maximum allowed value.
  Minimum_Amount_Is_ The amount is too small. Please make sure the specified amount does not exceed the minimum allowed value.
  Incorrect_Account Specified account credentials are incorrect.
  Incorrect_Parameters Error in the transferred parameter(s).
  Currency_Not_Supported Specified currency is not supported by that function.

* These exceptions can be thrown by any function, you must handle them accordingly in every API function call.