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Integration Guides

General Reference Guide for Merchants

Learn about registration and verification requirements, multi-wallet and multi-currency account features, additional payment methods, transactions management, reporting features and financial reconciliations, etc.

Merchant's Guide »

Payment Integration Guide

Learn about adding payment buttons to your webpages, handling payment-related IPN messages, testing and troubleshooting your payment receiving logic, and generally managing transactions and customer data, etc.

Payment Integration Guide »

Subscription Billing Integration Guide

Learn how to accept subscription payments, including topics such as: creating subscription links, processing subscription-related IPN messages, testing and troubleshooting your subscriptions code, and generally managing the list of your subscriptions or individual subscribers, etc.

Subscriptions Guide »

Pre-approved Payments Guide

Learn how to accept Pre-Approved payments for your business. Pre-approved Billing is a payment agreement between Merchant and Customer for the direct debiting based on the payment contract.

Pre-approved Payments Guide »

Payment Automation Guide

Learn about Weezzo API architecture and how to automate the following processes: send money, check balances, get list of operations (statement) and details on them, exchange currencies, request different kind of withdrawals from your account, etc. with the help of Weezzo API functions.

Payment Automation Guide »

Client Verification Integration Guide

Learn how to integrate external verification via Weezzo service to meet Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements: place a link to "verify via Weezzo", handle IPN events related to verification, manage clients through API and view their status via a web interface, etc.

Client Verification Guide »

Comprehensive Manual

The Comprehensive Manual contains all of the tools you need to integrate Weezzo payment solutions into your website. You'll find: an HTML payment links and buttons creation guide, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), IPNs (Instant Payment Notifications), integration troubleshooting and testing tools, as well as complete reference documentation.

Comprehensive Manual »

Weezzo Brand Center

This is the place for Weezzo logos, descriptions, and payment option graphics to use on your website, and checkout pages. Build customer trust by including Weezzo branding on your website.

Brand Center »

Weezzo Seal

Place the seal on your website so that visitors can click on it and see public information about yourself that has been verified by Weezzo.

Weezzo Seal »

Integration Partners

Our Certified Integration Partners are developer companies, web design studios, consulting agencies and professional individuals who specialize in creating various Internet solutions.

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E-commerce and Shopping Cart Systems Working with Weezzo

Shopping cart software modules for online stores offer a quick and easy integration process as well as a smooth shopping experience for your customers. Weezzo is compatible with the widest range of commercial and open-source shopping carts, giving merchants the ultimate number of options in setting up their businesses.

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