Integration Guides Overview

The Guides section contains complete guidance on thematic topics that allow you to integrate specific Weezzo solutions into your website.

Hint: Please keep in mind that the Comprehensive Manual features general technical documentation for Weezzo Services.

General Reference Guide for Merchants

Find essential information on Weezzo merchant accounts and how to start accepting various payment methods from customers worldwide. We will describe registration requirements for individual and corporate accounts, account features such as the multi-wallet system with the support of numerous world currencies, additional payment methods setup, transactions management, reporting features, financial reconciliations, etc.

Merchant's Guide »

Payment Integration Guide

Learn how to use HTML forms so that you can integrate Weezzo with your website or e-commerce application and get paid through Weezzo. With Weezzo you add buttons for different kinds of payments to your webpages. Shoppers click the payment buttons to pay for their purchases.

Accepting Payments »

Subscription Billing Integration Guide

Learn how to accept payments for subscription, including: creating subscription links, processing subscription-related IPN messages from Weezzo on your website/business logic, testing and troubleshooting your subscriptions code, and generally managing the list of your subscriptions or individual subscribers.

Subscriptions »

Payment Automation Guide

Learn about Weezzo API architecture and how to automate the following processes: send money, check balances, get list of operations (statement) and details on them, exchange currencies, request different kind of withdrawals from your account, etc. with the help of Weezzo API functions.

Payment Automation »

Pre-approved Payments Billing Integration Guide

Learn how to accept Pre-Approved payments for your business. Pre-approved Billing is a payment agreement between Merchant and Customer for the direct debiting based on the payment contract.

Pre-approved Payments »

Client Verification Integration Guide

Learn how to integrate external verification via the Weezzo service to meet Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements: how to place a link to verify your site, how to handle IPN events related to verification, how to manage clients through API and view their status via a web interface, etc.

Client Verification »